Green Mountain Energy - Could This Be the Right Home-Based Business For You?

GreenMountainWindFarm Fluvanna 2004
 The Brazos Wind Farm, also known as the
 Green Mountain Energy Wind Farm, near Fluvanna, Texas.
Note cattle grazing beneath the turbines.
By Keith Hartung 

Green Mountain Energy is a retail electricity provider that has added a traditional network marketing approach to selling their product, called Green Mountain Energy Network.

The Company and Products 

Founded in Vermont in 1997, Green Mountain Energy is the leading retail provider of "cleaner" electricity products in the US. Now based in Texas, this company formed to change the way power was made after deregulation of the public utilities in many states. Since electricity generation is the number one form of industrial pollution in the US, Green Mountain Energy is positioned to take advantage of the "Green" movement going on today. Green Mountain Energy offers electricity 100% generated from new renewable wind resources and sells Residential and Commercial Electricity plus Carbon Offsets (that allow commercial sector clients to improve their environmental position).

The Program and Compensation

Green Mountain Energy Network is a traditional network or Multi-Level Marketing program that pays to seven levels. For a fee of between $329 (plus $25/month) to $999 you can become an independent representative and market the product and the program. The goal is to register yourself, then get ten electricity customers and three business partners (down-line), and then teach your down-line to replicate that to seven levels. The company provides an online back office to help you keep track of your business. Each representative receives a one-time commission on all recruited down-line reps and a very small percentage of all electricity customers' monthly bills. The company claims that with just three reps and two customers each down to seven levels you can make $10,000 in one-time bonuses and $12,000 per month in residual income from the electricity customers. This amount grows as you add more reps/customers per level.


The method for attracting representatives to your down-line is apparently passing a DVD presentation along to your warm market (friends, family, and acquaintances) or getting an independent website that can draw other prospects. The method for attracting electricity customers is talking to that same warm market and using other tactics like trying to recruit customers outside of shopping malls, etc. The reps seem to be on their own once they sign up, with no apparent training from the company -- relying instead on the reps to train their own down-line. One downside to the opportunity is that Green Mountain Energy is one of the more expensive options for retail electricity, and you must keep all of your customers through your down-line in order to make the 5-figure residual income per month claimed.

Another ironic point that the company reveals is that even if you pay for Green Mountain Energy, the majority of your personal electricity still comes from traditional fossil-fuel production. This is because of the nature of electricity delivery, as all of the capacity produced goes into one bucket (the grid) and is distributed evenly to all customers. While the product that Green Mountain Energy sells is a positive for the environment and would make any rep feel that they were making a difference, I believe that the average person will struggle with this system. The big money makers will be seasoned professionals that can sell to anyone. If you are passionate about the environment or enjoy talking to friends, family, and strangers about changing their electricity or joining you in a business opportunity, this might be right for you. If you believe that you would need more extensive training or a better support system, I suggest you look elsewhere.

Keith Hartung strives to be a servant of God, a committed husband, and a loving dad. He is also an internet marketer and home business coach, working with people around the world to create financial success in their lives by leveraging the power of the Internet. 

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